Cabex – energy of the future.

The company “Cabex” was founded in 2015 for the implementation of projects for the electrification of the agro-industrial complex throughout Ukraine. With the development of our company has achieved success in the manufacture of switchboard equipment for the residential sector and industrial enterprises, design and construction of solar power plants.
More than 50 street lighting projects implemented using LED equipment with the achievement of energy efficiency indicators. The strategy of our company, a smart and economical approach to the development of electric power industry and environmental conservation. Our services are the key to success in the energy industry. We offer our customers only high-quality equipment of proven global manufacturers.

Our services
Individual approach to each SES project.
A full range of design and construction of energy supply facilities.

Construction of solar power plants;
Design work;
Electrification of objects of the agro-industrial complex;
Street lighting;
Solar power (SES);
Production of integrated protective and switching equipment;
High and low voltage electrical tests and measurements;
Maintenance of electrical networks;
Electrical connection to the network;
We supply equipment and components for building lighting systems;
We install and maintain lighting lines and equipment;
We carry out construction and installation work, and provide a guarantee on all types of installation work.
We value our customers and motivate our employees. We responsibly treat energy savings and the environment when developing energy projects.

Main Areas

Solar power
Solar power
SES uses the energy of solar radiation, which is generated into electric current for its...
Street lighting
Street lighting
Cabex creates complex lighting projects, energy-efficient street lighting systems, supplies equipment and implements systems at...
Electrification of agribusiness
Electrification of agribusiness
Cabex Company has significant experience in implementing electrification projects for agricultural facilities. The power supply...